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Want to learn more about barbershop harmony? Sweet Adelines International will tell you everything you need to know about that sweet barbershop sound. 

Barbershop is a-capella music sung in four-part harmony. Each of the four sections plays an important role in producing those ringing chords. 


LEADS sing the melody with confidence and clarity! The divas of the chorus, leads love to... well... take the lead! 


TENORS sing the highest harmony with light, sweet voices. There are only a few of them, but they're an integral part of our chorus's sound. 


BASSES sing the lowest harmony and add richness and depth to the chords. The bass section provides the strong foundation on which the rest of the chord is built. 


BARITONES sing in the same range as leads, but their harmony parts fill out the chord to give it that unique barbershop sound. Baritones need good ears and a love for harmonies. 

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Visitors are always welcome at Gateway rehearsals, moved online for 2020. Our normal rehearsal space is in room 186 at the Orange Hub, 10045 156 St NW, Edmonton.

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